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If you are a DC school and you’d like to schedule Commander Ready to come to your school, please contact us for more information.

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The Commander Ready program serves DC schools,

but the resources on this site have been designed for everyone.

Host Site
72 Hours 72 Hours HTML All
Plan a Home Fire Drill About.com Video Get Involved
Poison Prevention American Association of Poison Control Centers Video Be Informed
Be Red Cross Ready American Red Cross HTML All
Home Safety American Red Cross PDF All
Masters of Disasters Educator Kit American Red Cross HTML All
Masters of Disasters Family Kit American Red Cross HTML All
Neighborhood Safety For Kids Area Vibes HTML Be Informed
Body and Mind (BAM) BAM.gov by CDC HTML Be Informed
Earthquake Safety Beat the Quake Interactive Make A Plan
Weather Safety CDEMA HTML Be Informed
Family Fire Drill City of Rochester, NY Video Get Involved
Water: Friend or Foe Discovery HTML Be Informed
The Science of Earthquakes Earthquakes HTML Be Informed
Preparing Makes Sense FEMA Video Build A Kit
Scavenger Hunt Family Game Ready.gov PDF Build A Kit
Talk it Out Ready.com HTML Make A Plan
Kids Get a Plan Florida HTML Make A Plan
Kids' Space My Florida Legal HTML Be Informed
Crime Prevention Parents National Crime Prevention Council Interactive Be Informed
Fire Prevention and Safety National Fire Protection Association HTML Make A Plan
Forces of Nature National Geographic Interactive Be Informed
Natural Disasters National Geographic Interactive Be Informed
Dealing with Disasters National Geographic HTML Be Informed
Impact of Disasters National Geographic HTML Be Informed
Child Sexual Predators NY State Video Be Informed
Emergency Supply Hidden Treasure Ready NYC Interactive Build A Kit
Let's Get Ready in NY Ready NYC PDF All
Home Safety Safe Kids, USA HTML Be Informed
Home Safety Safe Kids, USA Interactive Build A Kit
Decade of Disaster Save the Children PDF All
Family Emergency Kit Sesame Street Video Build A Kit
Beat the Quake Southern California Earthquake Center Interactive Be Informed
Crack the Code with Sparky Sparky the Fire Dog Interactive Be Informed
Bullying Stop Bullying Video Be Informed
Weather Guides The Weather Channel Kids HTML Be Informed
Escaping From Fire US Fire Administration for Kids Interactive Be Informed
School Emergency Preparedness US Department of Education PDF All
Weather Safety Weather Wiz Kids HTML Be Informed